Celebrating Over 10 Years of Rock and Roll!

Bare Hill was formed just over 14 years ago and first performed in the summer of 2008. The sole intent of the original members of the band was to have and to rekindle an interest in the stylings and messages of the music of the 60's and 70's. We also sought out the works of contemporary musicians who sustained the feel and vibe of this music.
The musical roots of the band are both deep and broad, extending back to the sounds of the 60's and 70's and drawing from psychedelic rock to early new wave rock to underground club rock. However, the common threads that define Bare Hill are our two, three and four-part harmonies, our instrumental diversity, including harp, ukulele, guitars, accordion, keyboards and percussion, and our rootedness in the folk-rock sound.

We generally enjoy smaller venues where the audience is part of the show. We also enjoy giving back to the Community and, in particular, to the individuals who have given so much to us, by performing Town Concerts, Fundraisers and Special Events.

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