Don Sugai

vocalist, acoustic guitar, ukulele, accordian Don has been a vocalist and lead singer in a number of groups representing several musical genres for many years.  In his career he has performed with acclaimed musicians like Clarence Clemons, Jeff Pevar and Harvey Brooks.  He continues to perform with "the Colby's", an acclaimed and popular Connecticut-based R&B and New Orleans funk band.

Andy Bollman

bass, vocals Andy started playing bass later in life and has been jamming ever since! Having loved any song with a good bass line for as far back as he can remember, it was better late than never! Andy is the last remaining founding member of Bare Hill. And, don't forget, it's all about the BASS!

Johnny Murzycki

drums, vocals  Johnny started drumming in 1969 and has performed with a variety of bands in the New England area. Recent projects include The Johnny Dollar Experiment, Jazzed Up, and Final Approach. Johnny has also freelanced with many Central Mass bands and has been active as a studio musician.

Joel Skoletsky

keyboards, accordian, vocals As a life-long music junkie Joel brings an encyclopedic knowledge of all things pop music to Bare Hill and pushes it on anyone who will listen, or look in his general direction. After stints with his early bands Rival, Shelter and Sturdy House he left the scene (for 28 years) to tend to some unfinished business. While playing with Bare Hill Joel has found a way to display his musical prowess and spend money on shiny new equipment.

Dave Dreher

guitar, vocals Dave is our newest member of Bare Hill, joining the band in early 2019. He has been playing and performing for many years, most notably as a member of Another Tequila Sunrise (Spread Eagle), a touring Eagles Tribute band, for over a decade.